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We also keep refining ourselves.

Refine Images (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in the winter of 2008. In this short period, we have a good beginning, but we won't stop by some small achievements and satisfactions, Just like our name, Refine. The refining needs not only time and patience, but also never ending pursuit for the perfect of ourselves. Everyday we set up an objective to go for, so don’t review our new works after too long time, because at that time, you have to watch out what bling your eyes.




"Independent Unit Cooperation Program" launched by Refine DI department

As main part of Refine Images, DI Department plays an important role to handle the digital post work with Print Production Department. But it seems they will be never exhausted, and have enough energy to cross over with more different photographers on more creative job. Since today, DI Department launched “Independent Unit Cooperation Program”, to work with many other production houses on digital post cases.

修图部作为锐梵数码影像重要的组成部分,承担着制作部平面摄影项目的数字化后期工作。但他们似乎精力充沛,希望和更多不同风格的摄影师CROSS OVER合作创意项目。所以即日起正式启动“独联体合作计划”,未来将和各大摄影制作公司开展后期单项合作。


Refineimages and IDEA

Really Big News for digital imaging industry in Shanghai!

锐梵 + 爱迪亚 = 新锐梵?

Help us to spread this big news by word of mouth, thanks! Start from 15th Aug 2010, REFINE Images and IDEA has merged together. After joint consultation, the merged company will use ‘REFINE’ as future brand. For now on all business dealings with IDEA belong to REFINE .We would like to thank you for all along the times been supporting REFINE. We will continue produce our best work and service.

请各位广告公司同仁奔走相告这条重量级新闻,谢谢!经Refine(上海锐梵数码影像有限公司)与IDEA(上海爱迪亚数码影像有限公司)共同磋商,决定自即日起 ,Refine与IDEA经营业务重组合并,公司将以“Refine” 品牌继续开展业务。从即日起凡与IDEA的经营业务往来都隶属于Refine。希望各位一如既往,继续支持Refine Images, 共同携手奋进!